An English proverb says “Many things are lost for want of asking”, and what you seek is fulfilling your dream, then you should know where to ask for the proper questions. 

The acquisition of property or an estate, of any kind is a goal and desire for many people. RE/MAX Capital is able to satisfy your wishes with the best possible way, as it is a certified member to the world’s largest real estate network. 

RE/MAX Capital situated in Corinth, 65 Damaskinou street, is a part of the multinational network of RE/MAX, with 7500 agencies in over 100 countries and more than 116000 real estate agents globally. 38 agencies and 450 agents fully operate in Greece. 

Our agency, takes on all the kinds of real estate transactions, like renting or selling properties, business properties, hotels, plots, estates, evaluating estates and properties not only in the prefecture of Corinth but wherever it is desired. Our agency offers high quality of service and facilitation in assignment of buying of selling property or estate of any kind.